Trainers & Judges
Brief outline of what is required.

Working Equitation is a new discipline / Sport now in Australia.
To perform correctly the horse needs to be supple obedient and precise.
For this, the rider needs to train gradually by using lateral work
and correct training, he will then develop his muscle tone and also his mind.
This will enable horse and rider working in the correct outline,

to perform all the movements required for Working Equitation.
Working in harmony and empathy with his rider without force or harshness.Trainers wishing to be accredited to Working Equitation Australia
for further details
please contact
Gill Kennerley 02 4573 2958

As the Founder, Gill Kennerley remains the main Working Equitation organisation

within Australia, est since 2007.

web page

Her intention is to keep the level of quality affiliated trainers, knowledgeable and

sympathetic to the discipline throughout Australia and Australasia.




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