Founder of  Working Equitation in Australia /Australasia. Gill Kennerley as a qualified international classical dressage trainer, started training Working Equitation in 2002 with Portuguese trainers in the UK.

Arriving in Australia in 2007 she started Working Equitation Australia and began training people in this discipline by holding working Equitation Clinics.

It is now  here in Australia and classical dressage trainers can now be accredited by Gill Kennerley to be trainers /Coaches of Working Equitation here.

Gill kennerley will be holding W.E. Clinics at East Kurrajong and is also available for training and judging on request in other locations.

Gill is available for advice on training, comeptitions, coaching and anything regarding this discipline.

Riders must have their own current insurance and sign a waiver

For more information, phone Gill (p)02 4571 3373

email/ gillkennerley@ymail.com

157 Grose River Rd, Grose Wold, NSW 2753.



A Charter for Working Equitation Riders.




1. a TRUE CLASSICAL TRAINER/RIDER AIMS FOR HARMONY AT ALL TIMES. He considers his horse not as a work horse but as a being to be loved, respected and above all understood. He must not be ruled by his ego, .selfish ambition or financial gain.

2. classical equitation is an art not a sport. back and seat are the dominant aids. Soft still hands and fingers and elastic contact along with consistent correct training for horse and rider to build correct muscle tone aiming for true collection.

3. a good balanced seat is the most important quality a rider can have. If one cannot discipline one’s own body he cannot discipline his horse. Balance the rider – balance the horse. 80% seat, 20% rein.

4. negative thinking will upset a horse. he is easily disturbed by tension and this can result in distrust and fear. With positive thinking the horse will respect the rider and follow his thoughts. Mutual respect and a communion of two minds should be achieved. Do not let fear hold us back from our horses.

5. a rider must understand and know the physical capabilities of his horses so he will not push beyond them. Making sure he understands what is asked of him. You can accomplish with kindness what you cannot by force.

6. reward often. praise with a soft voice, touch neck or withers. when the riders action stops this is reward to the horse. Punishment should only be given if the horse threatens his rider in anyway. If he bucks, kicks or rears he should be punished immediately.

7. a true classical trainer/rider must have a deep understanding of the horse. Must respect what is natural and most acceptable and comfortable for the horse in his total environment. It goes beyond performance.

8. collect your thoughts. Collect your horse and let him be the judge of what you do.

Gill Kennerley


Membership and insurance are no longer viable to WEA.

as the Founder, Gill Kennerley remains the main Working Equitation organisation
within Australia, est since 2007.
web page
Her intention is to keep the level of quality affiliated trainers, knowledgeable and
sympathetic to the discipline throughout Australia.

The W.E. Rule book for competitions for 2013

It has come to my notice after running, judging and attending several WEQ competitions.
this past year, I am aware that there is confusion regarding the original rule book which
I derived with help of my acting secretary, At the time being the Director of W.E.A Ltd,
which I am now no longer associated! This rule book is no longer valid. It is not suitable,
as it only applies to the International competitions held in Europe.
A new revised Competition rule book is under way with myself (Gill Kennerley), and
the Working Equitation accredited Trainers and Judges,  with input from
WEQ UK and Portugal. The competition rule book will be used throughout Australia,
at all competitions held. The judges need to know what they are judging.
The trainers will have their own rules for their clinics, training days, etc as professionals,
according to their insurance.
At this stage the working equitation association of Australasia is not offering
membership or insurance cover as it is irrelevant. As all the accredited trainers will
be running WEQ in Australia, associated with Gill Kennerley, the founder
and the established governing body here in Australia.
It is essential that the trainers hold regular competitions, as only in this way will WEQ
become established as an accepted discipline/sport and enable us to be registered
with the E.F.A in this country.
It is interesting to note that Sherene Ramatalla the chef d’eqipe of
the British International team started WEQ in 1996 and it is only now offering membership.
I Introduced WEQ to Australia in 2007. so hopefully in another 5 years it should be established.
Please feel free to contact me for any matters concerning working equitation.
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