The Art of Working Equitation.

First Introduced into Australia & founded by Gill Kennerley.

WAWE International Rule book 2015,

Be sure to us an Accredited Working Equitation Trainer from the list below! 

“We do not support self assessed Trainers from outside Australia”

 “Join us on face book”

Gill is an International classical Dressage trainer, Arriving in Australia from the UK in 2006. She has successfully trained, together with Portuguese W.E. Trainers. for riders to enjoy training and to compete in working Equitation competitions in the UK. Gill has a permanent Working Equitation course set up at her home, “Wattle Grove” East Kurrajong. She would like to offer her services and knowledge to riders and their horses by welcoming them, to come and enjoy,  A fun way to train seriously
We would like to introduce riders and their horses to this fascinating and great fun sport.
working equitation is an equestrian 3 Phase discipline, well established as a recognized sport in southern Europe, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain, Mexico, Brazil and Sweden.
It is based on methods to train horses working on cattle ranches in southern Europe, Mexico and Brazil. There are different levels of competition from novice to advanced, open to all riders and all breeds of horses.
The competition is divided into 3 sections, designed to test horse and rider, through a range of activities combining flat work (Dressage) movements, and obstacle tests, requiring horse and rider, to negotiate a number of obstacles similar to those encountered whilst working in the fields.
This competition aims to promote good horseman ship and a level of submission and control of the horse. It is great fun for horse and rider to participate, Spectators also enjoy this exciting discipline.
Our aim is to prepare not only for individual competitors, but also teams of 4 riders to compete against each other at venues throughout Australia.

The 4 phases.

Dressage test. (novice)
Obstacle course
Obstacle course(speed)
Cattle Penning (Team)
Ride figure of eight around 2 drums
Slalom around bending poles, (aiming to change legs) at each post
Knock a ball off free standing bull
Collect a ring from free standing Bull
Collect a pole from a drum and replace pole
Walk over a wooden bridge
Open and close a gate without letting go of the latch
Ring a bell at the end of a corridor and rein back out
Jump over straw bales
Ride around a livestock pen
Walk sideways along a pole placed flat on the ground
The Ultimate Aim
To ride the horse in collection, at walk and canter.
Riding with one hand only, (left hand) throughout the test.
Practice makes perfect.
 157 Grose River Rd, Grose Wold, NSW,2753.
 Gill kennerley will be holding W.E. Clinics each month
Extra training clinics can be booked if required (4 riders)
4- to 8 riders per clinic $50.00 per rider
Riders must have their own currant insurance and sign a waiver
To book a place, phone Gill (p) 02 4571 3373




   I would like to express my thanks to the organisers of Equitana 2013,

for inviting me to represent Working Equitation Australasia at Equitana for the first time.

Working Equitation is diverse, in that it differs from other sports. By using the 4 components, Dressage, Ease of Handling, Obstacles speed, Cattle penning.

So it was a great opportunity for us to demonstrate and explain how Working Equitation should be performed.

It created so much interest and excellent feedback. On behalf of my team of riders and myself thank you once again

 Gill Kennerley, Founder of Working Equitation in Australia and Australasia 2008

I would also like to say a big thank you to Renee, Mark and Beccara  and their horses for assisting me on our working equitation demonstration held at Equitana. And for making it a great susses. We have had so much excellent feed back. With many new riders wanting to try Working Equitation!


The Federation of WE Australia Inc

Working Equitation Australasia,

Trainers / Coaches Accreditatons  

Persons wishing to host a Clinic, or apply to be a W.E. Accredited Trainer / Judge Contact Gill Kennerley The founder of Working Equitation in Australia & Australasia, Contact Gill on 02 4571 3373,


1-2-3 day, Daily & Residential     

Working equitation accredited Trainer/ Judge Courses

Body awareness work shops available

Refresher 1 day courses in all topics available.

“Knowledge and application will bring change!”


 Accredited, Judges and Trainers

Gill Kennerley, Founder, Trainer and Judge.

Australia, NSW, Sydney, Grose Wold. 02 4571 3373.

Accredited Trainers of Working Equitation in

Australia/ Australasia

“And new to South Africa”

South Africa, PATSY DEVINE,



NZ, Christchurch, SARAH BLACKBURN.

+64 22 455 6263. email.


(Contact) Vic, SA & Tas, BECCARA LLOYD. 03 5360 8369

South Australia

S.A, MonserratBARRIE STRATTON, 0400 639 909.  Academy of DressageOffice: 

+61 8 8370 9809

S.AMonserrat, SARITA STRATTON, 0408 084 777

S.A Highland Valley. MICHELE MEIJER, 0432 821348

SA. Applicants application Pending

Western Australia

W.A, Dardanup, Bunbury. SUE BUCKLEY. P. 08. 9728 0454.

WA. Applicants application Pending



Gindari Park Working Equitation

Contact, 02 6226 4292 / 0414626577.

Clinic organizers, Nicole & Michael Godding


NSW, Ebeneezer, Mark Rodney,

NSW, Ebeneezer, DEBBIE Eisehauer-Rodney


NSW, Tamworth, TRACI BOLT, .0418 189277




NSW, Central Coast, MAIDIE DODD.


NSW, Gosford, (Club)  MARK. MASON.

NSW, Gosford, (Club) RENEE  MASON.

NSW  Sydney & Hawkesbury, GILL KENNERLEY. 

02 4571 3373.

NSW Orange, SHIRLEY SIM. (m) 0407 223 483

NSW Mudgee, SUE  DOUGLAS.  (m) 0427741549

NSW Grafton, CHRIS

NSW Goulburn, K FENNER. (m)0458 298 338


Vic, Andrew Simms.Cornish Town. 03 5726 1010 (after dark).

A true All round Australian

VIC CHERYL LORD. 0437 353 808

VIC BECCARA LLOYD. 03 5360 8369

Working Equitation School Victoria & Central Vic WE Group - Beccara Lloyd

VIC & QLD  GALE BRANDSFORD. (B) 07 4094 1689  (m)0410 484 084

VIC SUSIE WALKER, 0411098462, Panton Hill. Equine Encounters,

 03 97197170, Email:

VIC (Club) GEMMA CARMAN. 0408 178 233
VIC. Applicants application Pending


(FNQ), GALE BRANSFORD. 07 4094 1689 (m)0410 484 084

(FNQ), KATRINA KRUSE.(m) 0409 651 394,

(QLD). HELENA SHANAL. Darling Heights 4350 .


Judges of Working Equitation Australasia,

NewZealand Christchurch, SARAH BLACKBURN. +64 3-323 7442. (m) 6427 3150 191

S.A Highland Valley. MICHELE MEIJER, 0432 821348

SA. Applicants application Pending

Tasmania (Contact ) BECCARA LLOYD. 03 5360 8369

W.A, Dardanup, Bunbury. SUE BUCKLEY.  ph:9728 0454.  

WA. Applicants application Pending


BECCARA LLOYD. 03 5360 8369


GEMMA CARMAN. 0408 178 233

VIC. Applicants application Pending


New South Wales

NSW  Sydney & Hawkesbury, GILL KENNERLEY.                             02 4571 3373. 


NSW, Central Coast, MAIDIE DODD.

NSW  Gosford,  MARK. MASON.

NSW Gosford, RENEE  MASON.  NSW Hawkesbury, CONINA HOWARD (m) 61 401302045


(m) 0405 978 630

NSW Orange, SHIRLEY SIM. (m) 0407 223 483

NSW Mudgee, SUE  DOUGLAS.  (m) 0427741549

NSW Grafton, CHRIS

NSW Applicants application Pending


(FNQ), KATRINA KRUSE.(m) 0409 651 394,

(QLD), HELENA SHANAL. Darling Heights 4350 .

(FNQ), Gale Bransford. 07 4094 1689 (m)0410 484 084   



AAHA National Show 2015

AAHA National Show 2015


The Federation of WE Australia Inc.

2013/14 History in NSW

Pedro Neves

was in NSW Central Coast

 for clinics & private instruction.

Please Contact Janet McCormack at,

Working Equitation Hawkesbury to Hunter Inc.

If you wish to attend please Contact  to secure your spot, 

Places are strictly limited for more information please call 0243721688.

Working Equitation Hawkesbury to Hunter Inc.


 Working Equitation Hawkesbury to Hunter will run four competitions in 2014. Broad sashes will be awarded for champion and reserve champion at each competition and ribbons to fifth place in each phase. These competitions will have an accumulative point score, culminating in an annual HIGH POINTS CHAMPION PERPETUAL TROPHY for each competition level. This is to be engrave…d and returned after twelve months. Trophies to third place will be given to keep. All members of WEGBI affiliated clubs are invited to compete and are eligible for sashes and ribbons on the day, however, the perpetual trophies will be awarded to H2H members only.



2013/14 Victoria

Welcome all to our

Working Equitation School of Victoria & Central Vic WE group.

This group page has been specifically designed for everyone to have direct access to clear information on our Working Equitation events, clinics, training days, lessons, video footage & website links etc. Please refrain from any types advertising or please seek approval first!. Regards Beccara Lloyd


 2013 News History“.

For November Working Equitation at the Sydney Show Ground

with Gill Kennerley, the founder of Working Equitation In Australia

Pictured in Equitana magazine, recently released

Gill Displayed to the public with the help of WE club trainers Mark and Renee Mason with their stock horses

And Becerra Lloyd from Victoria with her Morgan stallion to introduce we at Equitana.

They  demonstrated some of the obstacles ridden in WE

in the Riverina Pavilion CRT Arena on  Friday 9.30 & Sunday 2pm!


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